Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm going to Disneyland!

As I pack for this trip, I realize I am a little apprehensive. Not just because Bug woke up today in a "put me down, and I will scream my head off mood," but because it is now the summer months and there will be more people on the road and at rest stops and gas stations and Disneyland. I mean we are no stranger to these trips. This will be our third coast trip this year. The kids always do so awesome, I guess I am just waiting for the trip where the other shoe drops. The one that they don't do so well. The one where they scream their heads off the entire time.
I am also nervous because this is the first time we are doing a road trip with no pull ups on Bear. Okay, he has not had an accident in a month and always tells me when he has to go. I just have this image in my head of us being in the middle of no where and he has to go potty. And we will be on the side of the road peeing in a bush. Ha ha. I did buy a potty that is in the back, so I guess I don't have to teach him how to pee in a bottle yet. :)
We are going to Disneyland on Saturday and Sunday. I am so excited. I think I might be more excited than Bear. Although he has been asking me every 10 minutes if we are going to Disneyland yet. And he keeps listing off the rides he wants to go on, Teacups and Dumbo top the list. I really want to take them at night to see the electrical parade. I think they both are going to love it. I just have to keep them both awake until 9pm.
Well wish us luck. I can't wait to go and lay out on the beach and feel the warm sun on me and let them play in the sand. I am also looking forward to the fact that tomorrow night at this time I will have had 2 plain cheeseburgers, an order of fries and a vanilla shake from In-n-out.


MamaGeph said...

Have a wonderful time!

Kara said...

Life is GOOD!!!

Lawanda said...

Ok, I'll have the same thing she's having (even though I have never been to an InNout!)

I hope you are having fun :)

The beach sounds so awesome right about now :)