Thursday, January 31, 2008

Do not call

Please do not call my house tonight after, say, 7:55pm(1955 for the military folk.) I will not answer my phone. Not that I really am so stinking popular that hords of people are calling my house after this time, but just in case you thought tonight would be a goood night to call and chat and "catch up on life," it's not. Tonight is the season premiere of LOST. I will be completely engrossed in my television unable to move from my spot on the couch unless the house catches on fire and I or my son or dog am in immediate danger of burning. If the fire is just in the kitchen or the bathroom, I have time and can probably wait until the next commercial break and then we will all safely escape and I will be coming to one of your houses to finish watching it.
So with all respect for any of my friends that just want to chat, I will be here all weekend. I might be on the phone with my dad discussing what we watched for hours on end like these are real live events and they really matter, but I promise to click over and let you know I will get back to you as soon as I have figured out what the heck is going on on that island!

Monday, January 28, 2008

They say honesty is the best policy

Some mornings we move real slow and I don't get to "take care" of myself right away like I used to. Today is one of those days. I haven't showered yet and I haven't brushed my teeth. Well I was just kindly reminded of that fact. I was bending over Bear as he laid down for his nap and I was telling him how much I love him. He looks up at me with this discusted look, points at my mouth and says, "Mommy, itty...itty." Which translates into Mommy icky. Great. Just great. My breath is grossing out my own kid.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A sneak peek

On Friday I went and had my 20 week ultra sound done. Everything looks really good, 10 fingers and 10 toes. One head(I don't know why I was worried about that, but I was) a healthy beating heart and a beautiful spine. So I would now like to introduce you to my Ladybug:

That's right it is a girl! I didn't think Daddy had it in him! :) I have had a feeling from the start that it was a girl. It was always a girl in a pink frilly dress in my dreams and we immediately agreed on the girl name and were bickering until the night before about boy names. That's the way it was with Bear too. We had his name picked out before I was pregnant and could never agree on a girl name. Daddy also had a dream about 6 months ago that he was playing with Bear who was about 6 or 7 and there was also a little girl who was about 2 years younger.

Well they are going to be almost exactly 2 years apart. She is due on June 9, we are probably going to schedule the C-section for a few days before that. I am not worried about size or taking her too early. The ultrasound guy said that she was measuring in at 22 weeks. And if she is anything like her brother(the gargantuan) I do not need to worry about her being too small.

She is so active. I felt her first kicks on December 21. She is so much more active than Bear was at this stage. I don't think she sleeps. That or she kicks in her sleep. Bear loves to lay on my tummy and get kicked. Every time she kicks, he has to kick his feet and say "kick, kick, kick!"

I am already going nuts about baby girl stuff. I can't wait to dress her in ruffle butt diaper covers and little bonnets. And one day tutus! I have picked out and bought her bedding. Actually I bought her bedding the night before I found out it was a girl. Boy was I lucky. Because I love this bedding so much, I would have made a little boy sleep in it! Here it is and the crib I want to get too:
I had so much fun decorating Bear's room, I can only imagine the fun I am going to have with a little girls. My mind is already reeling from all the possibilities. I need to slow down though. I keep reminding myself that I have 4 more months to get all this done, I don't need to do it all tonight, which is how I am starting to think and plan and act.