Wednesday, December 12, 2007

one point five

Okay here I go again, I cannot believe he is 18 months old. Where has it all gone? Just yesterday we were bringing him home and I was waiting for his parents to come and pick him up. :)
We finally made it to the Dr today, two weeks late. Oops. I am really upset about having to go back to the Navy docs, but Dr. D is really nice and I am glad that we have her and not Doogie Howser. But Dr. B was the best pediatrician and I am sad about not being able to see him anymore. He was so good about being thorough. The Navy docs have 15 minutes to see you. He would spend an hour with his patients.
Anyways, Bear is losing a little in the height department. He is only in the 90% now; he is 34 inches tall. And he is gaining in the weight. It was kind of weird how they weighed him, they left his clothes on. With his clothes on he was 28lbs, and she said you could probably take 1 lb off for clothes. Well I don't work with probablys. I need to know exact. So I came home and weighed his clothes and diaper. I know I know, I am a nut and a freak show. Get over it. So he weighs in at 27lbs bare butt naked. He is still soooo skinny though.
We had a little graduation and then an ungraduation. Last week, I walked in on him in the morning to find him halfway out of his crib. I stopped him before he made the plunge and figured we would deal with that later since we were going to be spending a few days at my parents house. Well when we got back on Sunday, I went in to find him in the same position. So I fretted and wrung my hands all day and then decided to take the side off the crib and make it a toddler bed. I really did not want to have him falling out, and the mattress was as low as it could go. So I went and bought him a side rail and that night I laid him down and he went right to sleep. I knew that it transpired way to easy. At about 1230, I woke up to him crying. Except it was a lot closer than usual. I opened my door to find him wandering around the house in the dark crying. He had gotten out of bed, opened his door and was wandering the house. (My sister K used to do that, except she would go straight for the fridge, until my parents put a on lock it. Ha ha.) Anyways, I tried putting him back in bed, but he was having none of that. So I brought him back to bed with me. Yeah right. What was I thinking? We wrestled for an hour. He wanted to get down and play with Tela and I wanted to go to sleep. Finally, I realized that his pack n play was in the other room so I set that up. He can't crawl out of that thing, so he has been napping and sleeping there ever since. Now I realize I cannot keep him there for the next year, but we will continue to try the big boy bed and hopefully eventually he will get it and stay in it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No soap added

My washing machine is super at spinning the clothes so fast and hard that they come out of there almost dry and only need a few minutes in the dryer. Well one down fall to this is that the washing machine shakes so hard that it sounds and feels as if a jumbo jet is taking off in my kitchen. I discovered this the hard way when we first got the set. Don't put anything near the front of the washing machine. It WILL vibrate off. Well yesterday I was rearranging and left a bottle of brand new laundry soap in the place that I shouldn't. I really should tape that area off. Last night I was talking to my sister and heard a loud bang from the kitchen. Stupidly I didn't think anything of it, and went on with the conversation. Bear disappeared from my sight and got really quiet so I knew he was into something. I went into the kitchen to find him standing in the middle of a blue lake playing away. The puddle spread from the washer and dryer all the way out to my refrigerator about 6 feet away. I grabbed him and threw him in the tub. After that I closed the gate off to the kitchen(to keep dog and child out) and went to work cleaning it up. I went through 5 big bath towels and several smaller hand towels soaking it up. I then looked at the pile of towels and realized I couldn't wash them all together because that would be way too much soap and then I would have a bubble mess on my hands. (Pictures of Uncle Buck played in my head) So now I am doing my laundry and throwing one towel in at a time and not adding any additional soap to it. And I must say my floor is really clean now too.


We were giving Tela her morning rub down and I was showing Bear how she likes to be scratched behind the ears. He thought he was tickling her so he started to say "deetle deetle deetle!" Which is tickle tickle tickle in toddlereese. Well we finished her rub down and he decides it is his turn so he takes her front paw, pulls it up to his ear and says "deetle deetle deetle." I cannot stop laughing right now!
And on the subject of laughing, his new laugh is hilarious! He does his usual sarcastic laugh but now he doubles over and holds his hand to his mouth while laughing. I do not know where he got this from, but it really cracks me up. And it cracks him up too because when he is done laughing he will look at me and nod his head and say "nunny!" (funny)