Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Could not be prouder of my little conservative-in-training

Sometimes in life, it is just a cheerio

I resorted to the old "airplane to the mouth" with cheerios today while sitting in the Dr's office to keep Bear entertained. I also started to make up new ones like, jet and submarine and helo and hot air balloon and got to make up all the cool sounds to go with. After I showed him all the sounds and how they went into his mouth, he wanted to do it himself and that was when the following conversation transpired between us:

Bear eats a cheerio: making the noise of an airplane

Me: "What was that?"

Bear: "Air-ane."

Next cheerio: Makes the noise of the jet

Me: "What was that one?"

Bear: "Jet."

Next cheerio: Makes the noise of the sub

Me: "Well what was that one?"

Bear: "dub."

Next cheerio: Makes the helo sound

Me: "What was that one?"

Bear: "hewo."

Next cheerio: silently puts it in his mouth

Me: "Well that's new, did you make that up yourself? What was that?"

Bear: stopped chewing to look at me very seriously-"cheerio."

After that we resumed the jet, airplane, submarine game. I guess that one cheerio was just a cheerio.

Monday, February 04, 2008

She bangs! She bangs!

Today I did the most daring thing I have ever done in my life. This shows how boring I really am, but it was scary for me to try something new.
I had my hair stylist cut me some bangs! I know I know, stop gasping, calm down.
I am so happy I had her do it. I have had the same hair style since I was born. Boring. That is what you could call my hair. Boring. Put it in a ponytail and call it a day boring. I am the type of person that will go to a resteraunt and order the same thing every time. I don't like trying new things. I don't like change. If I find something that works for me, why mess up a good thing right? But today was different. I felt brave, daring, like I could conquer the world(by getting bangs). Now I didn't get all crazy and have her color my hair. I am not that daring yet. Maybe one day, in a few years, when I have another Zena princess warrior day, I will have her put highlights in. Until then, I will just sit back and be proud of myself that I tried something different today!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Quite a striking pair if I do say so myself

Sooooo Handsome

Counting it as a biology lesson

Bear has been very curious about his appendage lately. He calls it his pee pee because that is where the "pee pee" comes from. I have tried out different names for him to call it but pee pee is the easliest for him to say so that is what we are sticking with. Mommy has a hoo hoo(or woo hoo as heather would call it!) and Bear has a pee pee.
Today I guess he wanted to know what Tela had. I walked out of the office to find Tela standing in the living room giving me a very dirty look because Bear was bending underneath her between her legs looking up. He realized I was now in the room and gave me a very quizical look and said, "the pee pee?" Like he was asking where is hers? I ran to the other room and bust out laughing. I love that he is so curious. Tela on the other hand does not appreciate it quite as much.