Friday, June 08, 2007

A budding artist

Tonight we tried crayons for the first time. It went a lot better than expected. I decided today that we would try something new and coloring seemed like a good idea. So we went to Rite Aid while in town got some big chunky washable crayons. Tonight after dinner I washed his hands, taped some paper to the fridge and handed him a crayon. Of course he wanted one for each hand, so he double fisted it. This is what he produced:

Not bad!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sniff sniff

I think that I just cut out our night time feeding right before bed. I wasn't even thinking and he drank about 8 oz of whole milk(yeah!) as we were reading and then it hit me. It didn't even faze him either. Call me sappy I don't care. That is like the only special cuddle time we have anymore and I just lost one session! I am going to go pout now.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ooohhh... wish I hadn't

I am very suseptable to suggestions, at least when it comes to food. I am an advertisers dream. I see a commercial for food, I need it. It is all I can think about. Someone is drinking a coke, I want a coke.

Today my friend D, said something about frosting and that is all I could think about. So tonight I dipped my finger in the frosting(don't worry I won't serve it to any of you) and now I wish I hadn't. My tummy is really upset. So please don't ever mention food around me. I am weak.

Never in my wildest dreams

If you had told me 5 years ago, heck even 2 years ago that I would be chasing after a 1 year old with nothing but a pajama top on because we are trying to air out a rashy bottom, I would of said, "ew." But watching that cute little dimply butt waddle away from me makes me now wonder what I ever did before him. I would not change this moment for the world. Well unless of course his little squirt gun goes off...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A practicing Magician

This is just too funny not to share.
Tonight at dinner I was reading, yes I know not to motherly of me but it is a good book about dog behavior a friend lent me. Anyways, Noah had a whole heap of food in front of him so he would be busy for awhile. About 3 minutes passed and I looked up to check on him and almost all of his food was gone. He is a fast eater but not that fast. So I looked on the floor surrounding his highchair, nothing. I looked under the tray in his lap, nothing. I thought well hmm maybe he was just really hungry. We sat a little longer and I started to day dream out the window and out of the corner of my eye I saw where he was stashing the food. This little stinker was throwing it behind him. I took a look back there and sure enough, there was all of his food, down the back of his head, his shirt and his back. I could not help but laugh. And then get real serious and gave him the obligitory speech of the starving children in China. I wonder how long parents have been using that saying anyways?

Tall and skinny

Just got back from the Dr. and Bear is taking a much deserved nap. It was a good visit. Found out that he is allergic to sugar. No joke. So his week long spree of sugar(which consisted of birthday cake and a sip of mommas slurpee) has come to an end. Unfortionatly this includes some fruits. Pears, apples, and prunes. I think this lasts until he is potty trained. This last week has been nonstop diaper rash. The day after this party I almost took him to the ER, his butt was bleeding it was so bad. Hopefully this will take care of it.
He is tall and skinny like I used to be a LONG time ago. He weighs in at 24 lbs which is the 50-75% and is 32 inches tall which is 95%. His head is normal size. The Dr was really impressed with his vocabulary, which is about 10 words spoken and about 5 signed. But hey who needs to sign if you can just ask for what you want right? I tried to teach him to say "doctor" for today but when he said it for the Doc, it came out more of a dotder. Close though.
Wow, I am so tired. I just zoned out for a minute staring at the screen. This kiddo takes a lot out of me. I think that I am going to go lay down for a cat nap.

Monday, June 04, 2007

For Fun

My babies foot print.

I had just walked in on him "kissing" the other baby.

Over used phrases in our household

I have found that I have a few key phrases that I say all day long. And I say them so often and so liberally I find myself saying them to anything in the house that moves. Dog, cats, babies.
Some of my favorites are:

-Get that out of your mouth. (This one applies to all species in my household.)
-No! (I must say this 5,294 times a day)
-Don't touch that.
-Don't (I say this so often that Bear now runs around saying "Dote, dote, dote."
-Sit (yes this is not soley used for the dog.)
-That goes in your mouth and not on the floor. (this is used at meal times now that Noah has discovered the dog will eat what he does not want to.)

And last but not least, my favorite:
-I love you!

A rant because this is mine and I can.

Why is it when a man does something around the house, even the smallest thing, he ends the task with the words, "you're welcome." And not just in a regular every day tone. It is in this weird special tone. I do not know how to describe it. Like he just single handedly saved the world from certain total destruction tone.
We bathed the dog today. At the end, he looks at me and says, "you're welcome." WHAT? IT IS YOUR DOG TOO! I did not say this out loud, although I am sure that the expression on my face spoke it loud and clear. What does he mean by "you're welcome." I don't make meals, set it down in front of him and say, "you're welcome." No I do it because it is a part of team work. Team work that makes this family run.
I am writing all of this in kind of a I find this to be kind of humorous tone, but it kind of bugs me. It makes me want to scream sometimes. Is he the only one? Is it all men? Are they born with this? Is it something that they are taught growing up? How do I keep Noah from doing this?
I think that this is what is wrong with today's kids. They expect to be given something for everything they do. Whatever happened to just good old helping out just to help another human being out? I know that I sound like my grandma. But she was a very wise woman and I should of listened to her more. Well hind sight eh?
Anyways. It is now my mission to raise Noah so that he knows there are just certain things that you do. You do them not because you want something in return or because you want to be congratulated or because anyone will notice and you want to look good. You do it because it is the right thing to do.

Okay I posted this and then while changing Bears diaper, I realized that I made Johnathan out to be lazy. Let me clarify. He is not. He is a wonderful husband and father. I could not ask for anything different then what he adds to our lives. I just get a little frustrated when he says "you're welcome" before I can say "thank you."

What do I do?

For a couple of months Noah was waking up at 5am. Ready to face the day. I was not so ready. It did not matter what time I kept him up until, he would wake at 5 on the nose. On his birthday he stayed up until 9pm and slept until 7am. It was glorious! So this last week we worked on a new schedule and he would stay awake until 830 and sleep until 730. This morning I woke up at 7 and went about my day. The time is now 824 and The Bear still is not awake. What do I do? Obviously he is tired, but can you get to much sleep?
And another question to all you mothers. I started giving Noah whole milk last night, and he hates it. What do I do there? He is supposed to have it right? He is still breast feeding, but I am pretty sure I read that he was supposed to have whole milk at age 1. I am going to ask the Dr tomorrow at our well baby check, but mothers advice is so much better coming from a woman!