Monday, June 04, 2007

A rant because this is mine and I can.

Why is it when a man does something around the house, even the smallest thing, he ends the task with the words, "you're welcome." And not just in a regular every day tone. It is in this weird special tone. I do not know how to describe it. Like he just single handedly saved the world from certain total destruction tone.
We bathed the dog today. At the end, he looks at me and says, "you're welcome." WHAT? IT IS YOUR DOG TOO! I did not say this out loud, although I am sure that the expression on my face spoke it loud and clear. What does he mean by "you're welcome." I don't make meals, set it down in front of him and say, "you're welcome." No I do it because it is a part of team work. Team work that makes this family run.
I am writing all of this in kind of a I find this to be kind of humorous tone, but it kind of bugs me. It makes me want to scream sometimes. Is he the only one? Is it all men? Are they born with this? Is it something that they are taught growing up? How do I keep Noah from doing this?
I think that this is what is wrong with today's kids. They expect to be given something for everything they do. Whatever happened to just good old helping out just to help another human being out? I know that I sound like my grandma. But she was a very wise woman and I should of listened to her more. Well hind sight eh?
Anyways. It is now my mission to raise Noah so that he knows there are just certain things that you do. You do them not because you want something in return or because you want to be congratulated or because anyone will notice and you want to look good. You do it because it is the right thing to do.

Okay I posted this and then while changing Bears diaper, I realized that I made Johnathan out to be lazy. Let me clarify. He is not. He is a wonderful husband and father. I could not ask for anything different then what he adds to our lives. I just get a little frustrated when he says "you're welcome" before I can say "thank you."

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