Saturday, June 23, 2007

A bad influence

Since we got Duke(Doot, as Bear calls him) those two have been peas in a pod. What Bear does, Duke does. What Duke does, Bear does. Which was kind of cute at first. Bear is really good at keeping Duke occupied while I am cooking dinner. They will chase each other around, or tease each other with toys, or wrestle on the ground. Last night we went to a new extreme though. I was playing with Duke in the living room and I called for Bear because he had been playing around the corner. In he walks with my flip flop in his mouth. I just about died right there. It was gross and funny all at the same time. Now Bear has carried stuff around in his mouth before, his toys, his blanket, his lovey, but never a shoe. I just hope that when Duke starts to lift his leg to pee, Bear won't copy that too.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another new discovery

I was taking laundry out of the dryer and heard this strange noise. I turned around and Noah was puking on the kitchen floor. I rushed over not really sure what had caused it. He hadn't been eating or drinking. He choked on it for a few more minutes and I got him settled down. I started to clean up the mess while out of the corner of my eye I was watching him. He took his hand and put it in his mouth. So far in fact his fingers were going into his throat. He started to puke again. My son was making himself throw up. I got that mess cleaned up and he kept doing it. I don't know if he understood that he was doing that to himself. He had to be miserable throwing up, why would he keep doing it? A part of me thinks this is kind of funny, but another part is kind of worried.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Surely that has to be up for an award as the most embarrassing photo ever taken?

Wonder what he was thinking...

Yeah right

Daddy wants to start potty training Bear. I think he is nuts. But it does make for a good photo opportunity!

Actually Bear was running around naked so we could air out his toosh to get rid of the rash. He decided he needed to poop, so he sqautted on the kitchen floor and pooped. So daddy picked him up and put him on the toilet hoping he might get the idea that that is where poopies go. Didn't work. Nothing else came out. He did look pretty cute though.

This really needs no explanation

Soap pooooiiiiiiiiisoning

I tried to make that sound like Ralphy. If you don't know who Ralphy is, you must be communist and I don't really want to be your friend. That comes from the funniest movie ever made.

Anyways, Bear found a bar of soap. I started to take it away, but then I said, "hey, he will figure it out in a minute." A minute passed. Another minute passed. And another minute passed. I finally took it away. The kid enjoyed it. He looked up at me with a big bubbly(literally) smile and said, "hmmmm!"

I guess my moms old trick of soap in the mouth for a "dirty" mouth won't work with him...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Split personality

That is what Bear has! He acted like Chuckie all day long and then about 30 minutes before bed he became this little angel. We cuddled on the couch and read books and he hugged me and kissed me and laughed at what I said even if it wasn't funny. He really likes to laugh sometimes. But then I don't want to put him in bed. It is just not fair. And he goes down so well. It makes it even harder. I lay him down and he looks up at me with those big GREY eyes, and it kills me. But then he rolls over and goes to sleep. I kind of wish he would be a little upset about having to go to bed. But then maybe he needs a break from me too.

For sale or trade

For sale:
One 12 1/2 month old male. Fresh from nap, does not want to be held or be on the floor. Throwing huge temper tantrum at the moment. He insists on throwing his body about violently while making this noise that for lack of better words, sounds like a cat being tortured. He has taken all of his fresh folded laundry and thrown that everywhere. Normally he is a very sweet and well tempered boy. Will consider trade if it is for a model that does not do the things mentioned above. Please hurry, I think he found where I was hiding.