Saturday, June 23, 2007

A bad influence

Since we got Duke(Doot, as Bear calls him) those two have been peas in a pod. What Bear does, Duke does. What Duke does, Bear does. Which was kind of cute at first. Bear is really good at keeping Duke occupied while I am cooking dinner. They will chase each other around, or tease each other with toys, or wrestle on the ground. Last night we went to a new extreme though. I was playing with Duke in the living room and I called for Bear because he had been playing around the corner. In he walks with my flip flop in his mouth. I just about died right there. It was gross and funny all at the same time. Now Bear has carried stuff around in his mouth before, his toys, his blanket, his lovey, but never a shoe. I just hope that when Duke starts to lift his leg to pee, Bear won't copy that too.

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