Friday, August 22, 2008


Only 10 days apart, Lady Bug and Miss G are destined to be best friends forever.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Olympics

Bear and I really enjoy watching the Olympics. His favorite is the running, he gets down like he is at a starting block and then runs all over the living room until the race it over, and of course he always wins. But here are some things that I have noticed about the Olympics:

It is VERY unattractive to watch the men diving. When they do their tucks, they pull their legs apart so wide it looks like the pose in which a woman is giving birth!

I really like the new swim suits for the guys. Speedos are just gross.

There are some ridiculous "sports."
Table tennis? Isn't that just Ping pong? That is one step away from playing Twister or Battleship for a gold medal.

Equestrian dressage? How is it a sport to ride around on a horse? Sure they look pretty, but isn't it the horse looking pretty?

BMX riding? What the heck is next, Skateboarding?

I personally think that there should be a gold medal for child rearing. There could be such events like child herding, child chasing, keeping a child entertained while waiting in line, making dinner while entertaining a toddler and breastfeeding an infant. But that is just my opinion.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random things that bother me

Writing on butts. The only reason to put words on the back of your pants is to get attention. So why not just have "Hey look at me, I have the need for people to look at my ass!" Or something with fewer words, as you would have to have a butt the size of barn to fit all that.

Airplane seats. Seriously could they put any less padding on those things? Last week when I traveled from here to DC, it was horrible. Despite all the extra padding I brought to the situation, I still felt like I had been sitting on a metal folding chair for 5 hours. It left me begging the question, what in the world do people with no butt fat do on a flight like that?

Bugs. Today in the Jeep, I thought I felt something tickling my neck. I kept reaching back there but kept coming up with nothing. Finally, I felt something. I pulled it forward so that I could see. I thought maybe it was some lint that was blowing around or a loose string from my shirt. It was an ant. Pandamonium broke out. I had to pull the car over and get out and shake my whole body off for a minute. I killed the little bastard but for the rest of the night now, I keep shuddering everytime I think about it, and I keep reaching back to make sure he didn't have a buddy. The only thing I hate more than a bug is a bug on me or one of the kids.

People who chew with their mouth open. I think that about explains it all.

Boogers. A week ago I leaned into the Jeep to get something from the passenger seat. I looked to my right and there on the back of my head rest was a dried up booger. Now here is what bothers me about it:
1. I don't know how long I have been riding around with a booger rubbing on the back of my head.
2. How the heck did it get there? Its not like Bear can reach up from his seat and put it there. And if he did somehow put it there, where else has he left boogers?
3. Did I put it there? This one troubles me the most I think.
4. Did someone riding in my passenger seat put it there? The only ones that have been in the seat recently are my mom and sister and I would like to think that they are not malicious booger leavers.

Little girls in bikinis. I just want to ask the parents, "really?" She is going to go through a rebellious stage when she is a teenager and I figure the more clothes she has on when she starts rebelling the better.

Well I feel a little better now that I have that off my chest. Thanks for listening.