Monday, April 26, 2010

I am so tired I can't even think of a post for this.

Let's see, last Saturday I put the kids in the car and drove down to San Diego so they could spend some time with their daddy and I could pick up the new trailer. We got down there Sunday night with no problems, man my kids are road trip warriors. I broke down and bought a dvd player for the car. Only needed it once and that was out of my own laziness. I was so tired of making up stories about dragons that I popped a movie in on Sunday just so I could have some quiet time in my head. :)
Bear is in a dragon phase right now. Ever since seeing How to Train your Dragon. So the whole ride down and every time we were in the car or at bed time, he wanted to hear stories about me growing up with dragons. Man I can come up with some good stuff on the fly too. And then after I was done with my story, Bear would tell me a story from when he was a "little boy." It was suspiciously similar to the story I had just told, but it was so fun to hear him imagining things.

I also taught my kids how to get big rigs to honk at you on the road. And we learned how to play I-spy. I love road trips and the time you get to spend in the car with each other that I hate ruining it by playing movies all of the time. My kids have some awesome imaginations and sometimes they just like to sit and quietly look out the window.
So we got down there and went to pick up the new trailer, I was so so so nervous. Holy cow. I picked it up an hour and a half away from SD. It took me two and a half hours to get back I was driving so slow. I was getting passed by big rigs. But we made it back safely and camped out in the trailer until last night.

Saturday we went to Disneyland. I don't think I could ever get tired of that place. We were there for nine hours. Bear really loved it this time. He kept begging to go on more rides. We went on Nemo, Star Wars, Big Thunder Railroad, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Winnie the Pooh, Pinochio, and Snow White, and the Carousel. We stood in line for an hour to get the princess' signatures. Bug loved it. She is such a girly girl. She got a little purse and a pair of gloves and wore them around all dainty for the rest of the day. Bear got a shield and sword and has not parted with them since. Today he rode in the car with his shield on and his sword at the ready. Tonight he is in bed in the same position.
We got to go and see my grandparents and cousin Sarah and her two sweet girls. I thought for sure Bug would take to Big M. as they are only three weeks apart. But she went for the baby, Little M. She is such a little momma. I think she would of crawled in the car seat with the baby if I let her. She wanted to stroke the babys head and face and rock the baby while singing to her. Sarah was so patient with her. And then Grandma got to hold Little M and Bug freaked out because she wanted to hold the baby. So she got to go into the couch and hold the "baby" that weighs five pounds less than her. :) She was happy after that though. Then we took the kids to a place called Ferrells for some lunch and milkshakes.
I introduced my kids to milkshakes this trip. They had three of them each while we were there. I thought they were going to lose their minds in excitement. Probably not going to let them have them again, but it made a nice treat. So did In-N-Out. We do not do fast food at all and man was it a treat to be able to get that while we were there. They weren't too crazy about the french fries though.
So we left this morning, I hitched up the trailer without any complications (yay!) and we headed out at four am. Kids were awake for the first hour or so and then Bug nodded off followed soon after by Bear. We stopped at seven for some breakfast in the trailer and changed into some clothes. It is so nice having this thing and not having to get them dressed in some rest stop parking lot and being able to give them a real breakfast. We drove ten hours today and only stopped twice to get out and stretch the legs. Breakfast and lunch. These kids are troopers. So now we are in Stockton CA. Smells like wet cat food here. Really gross. I need to get to bed and get ready for the next leg of our trip. Another ten hours tomorrow.