Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What happened to your face?

Daddy Bear had really grown his beard out. He looked like a mountain man. It was grossing me out. I like his face a little hairy. Long enough that it doesn't scratch my face when I kiss him but short enough that you can't lose things in it. So I have been complaining about it.
Yesterday he called me from work and told me to go look at the ground by the garbage can outside.
Here is the conversation to the best of my memory.
Me: (looking over the side) What am I looking for? I don't see anything
Him: Just keep looking, you will see it.
Me: Come on just tell- what the heck is that? Is that a rat?
Him: No.
Me: A mouse? Did one of the cats catch a mouse? That is kind of big to be a mouse. And really black. Are you sure it isn't a rat?
Him: No it is not a mouse or a rat.
Me: What the heck is it. Was it in the house? (starting to freak out) Did the cats find this thing in the house and kill it? I can't beleive we had this in our house! Gross. Oh my gosh I am calling the exterminator. We are moving. I just can't live-
Him: It wasnt alive. Just look a little closer.
Me?: What is it? I am tired of this game, I am- Is that your beard?
Him: Yup. All of it.

So he shaved it all. And got a haircut. His face looks about 20 years younger. This morning when Daddy woke up and Bear got to see him for the first time, it was hilarious. He just looked at him, and then at me, and then back at him. Very confused. He walked a little closer I guess so he could get a better look and then looked at me again to make sure it was okay and then a little closer. Finally he made it all the way to daddy. He seems to be fine now. It still is kind of a shocker for me though. I came home from swimming and had to do a double take. I guess I will be fine too eventually.

Monday, July 23, 2007

How in the world!?!

So I will admit it. I am watching the Age of love. I need some sort of noise after everyone goes to bed and there is nothing but crap on TV. This is not better but it intrigues me.
How in the world can you first of all date a man on national TV? And second date him while he is dating 6 other women at the same time? In a 5 minute period he has kissed 3 different women and it doesn't bother any of them. No way would I kiss a guy after watching him make out with someone else! Gross! What are these people thinking? And they all say they are in love with him. After like 5 days. I do believe in love at first site, but come on! What some people will do for a little fame.

Alright this is my rant for the evening. I am going to finish my show and fold some laundry.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Heaven on a bun with cheese

My momma returned from Cali on Friday and what did that precious woman bring me? An In-N-Out burger! Of course I begged her to bring it. I also asked for a milkshake but she drew the line at the burger. So Friday morning when she left the hotel in Redding, she drove to the greatest resteraunt in the world and bought me my burger. Plain. Meat and cheese. Then Saturday morning, my brother brought it up to me. And I sat down and ate itas slow as I could. Well Bear ate some too. It is the first fast food that he has had ever. And he said, "hmmmm." I said "yes son, this is wonderful. Even a day later." Then he said, "mo- peas." Which translates into more, please. And mixed with his little signing skills, I had a hard time saying no. So I broke off a second peice of my little heaven and shared. One of the hardest things I have had to do. Ever.