Friday, October 05, 2007

An unexpected visitor

All I wanted was to take a quick shower so that we could get our grocery shopping done before naptime today. Thats all. I went into the front bathroom(which is bigger so I can close the door and keep an eye on him while he plays with my make-up.) I closed the door turned on the water and immediatly he started to get excited and chant "bath, bath, bath." I told him no it was mommies turn and got in the shower. I peeked out at him every few seconds and he was content to roll his grocery cart around filled with my lotions. However while I was washing off my face I heard a giggle and "BATH!" So I turned around and there he was in the tub with me fully clothed, with the proudest smile on his face. I guess if I want to shower alone, I will have to go back to waiting until nap time.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I need to memorize this...

Skipping to the end

Tonight I was standing at Bears crib with his head resting on my shoulder ready to put him to sleep. As we do every night I started to say our prayers. I started with, "Dear Jesus-" and was promptly interrupted with an "AMEN!" I guess he was done.

New words for the apple and banana song...

I like to eat eat eat, onions and lemons,
I like to eat eat eat, onions and lemons!

Yes that is right, I was making dinner tonight and he kept grabbing at the cutting board so I thought, "ha, I will give him something that will make him never want to grab up here again!" and handed him a lemon. He sucked that thing dry and asked for more. So I gave him an onion slice thinking that would do the trick. Nope, he gulped that down and asked for more. But from a child who eats tomatoes like an apple, it doesn't really surprise me.

Monday, October 01, 2007


I spent one hour of my morning squeezing the life out of about 50(really only 6) lemons making the best lemonade I have ever tasted. TOOT TOOT! (That was me tooting my own horn)
I had one glass today and I got back from my walk and went to pour myself another glass and saw a floater. Upon closer examination I saw it was a fruit fly. I looked even closer and found about 10 more. Where did they come from? Gross. Who knows what kinds of diseases they carry. Probably none and I just poured out a pitcher of perfectly good-disease free-best tasting homemade-that I made my hands turn yellow for-lemonade. Harrumph!
And I even had slices of lemon in it too to make it look pretty. Man I am pissed. Stupid fruit flies.