Thursday, July 09, 2009

Last Disney for a while. Well a few months at least...

Her first carousel ride which she loved

Strong man

He got a sword and was slaying beasts for the rest of the day
Us, mid ride

We stayed for the electrical parade which the kids loved
The line to go see Mickey during the day was over an hour long, which needless to say I would not wait in. So as we were walking out of the park, we saw him off to the side with no line, so we got to see him anyways!
This is Bear on the swings. I took him on this last week and he had so much fun. I let Donna take him this time. Sorry if it makes you sick!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Harry Potter wanna be

So I finished the books last month. Since the sixth year is coming out next week, I wanted to rewatch all of the movies too since it has been about 3 years since I have seen them. I am so disapointed in them. And Gephry I know you are going to say "I told you so!" And you have my permission. They leave out so much that the books include. And I know this is true with every book. I generally don't watch a movie after I read the book because of that fact. But I am still pretty bummed.
Anyways. I let Bear watch them with me. He had to go to his room for a few scary parts, but over all they weren't that bad. So now he is running around with a chopstick for a wand yelling out spells and charms and getting most of them pretty right on. And yesterday he rode his broom around the patio playing "qwitch." I really didn't think he would be able to sit and watch them and catch his attention but they did. He is really cracking me up with this all of a sudden Harry Potter obsession.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Disneyland, the park, the beach and the fourth

Finally got the USB for my big camera. So here is our week in review...

His first Disneyland ticket.

In-n-out at Disneyland, doesn't get much better than this!
Waiting in line for a ride.
We bought him an autograph book, and his first signature was Captain Hook.
Hanging out on the bears in Brother Bears playland My slide climber going at it.
On the swings, his favorite place.
She has grown a love for them too.
Sitting in her brothers dump truck.
He had so much fun at the beach playing in the water and sand.
She just loved eating the sand. Even after I rubbed most off of her hands, she would lick them clean.
Her 4th of July outfit

Yes, my SON is wearing a pink swimsuit. I forgot his swim shorts so my little cousin took care of him and put him in her old swimsuit. By the time I saw him he was wearing it and already had sunscreen on and was headed to the pool. As it was his shoulders and arms got burned, so I figure this just kept the rest of him from getting burnt
We spent over two hours in the pool. Bear was all over the place, and she chilled in that pool floatie the entire time. She would put her face in and kick al ittle but too. But for the most part, she laid back and chilled the entire time.

Hope everyone had a happy fourth!

Signs that crack me up on my drive south...

Doesn't that mean the bathrooms?

Won't be taking that exit...

Every pot heads dream: