Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All by myself...

After four and a half years, my body is my own again. Since September of 2005, I have been growing children or breastfeeding, and for a little bit, I was doing both.

Like with Bear I swore I would let her wean herself. She would know when she was done. Bear went until 18 months when I was three months pregnant. She was at twenty months and still breastfeeding. It was just a morning feeding but it was 30 minutes long. For the big weekend away, I started to wean her. We went every other day. I would distract her in the mornings with a cup of milk or breakfast. It went well. She did fine. When I got back she asked for "boo boo" and I let her nurse, I did one side and was done. It hurt! So now we are done. She still asks for it every once in a while, usually when she is tired or gets hurt but is easily distracted with a cookie or something else.

The best part is? I get to wear pretty bras that don't have a clicky sound in them!

Sometimes I wonder if I share too much information on the internet. :)