Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All by myself...

After four and a half years, my body is my own again. Since September of 2005, I have been growing children or breastfeeding, and for a little bit, I was doing both.

Like with Bear I swore I would let her wean herself. She would know when she was done. Bear went until 18 months when I was three months pregnant. She was at twenty months and still breastfeeding. It was just a morning feeding but it was 30 minutes long. For the big weekend away, I started to wean her. We went every other day. I would distract her in the mornings with a cup of milk or breakfast. It went well. She did fine. When I got back she asked for "boo boo" and I let her nurse, I did one side and was done. It hurt! So now we are done. She still asks for it every once in a while, usually when she is tired or gets hurt but is easily distracted with a cookie or something else.

The best part is? I get to wear pretty bras that don't have a clicky sound in them!

Sometimes I wonder if I share too much information on the internet. :)


MamaGeph said...

Yay for you! Life always provides compensation. For me, I was so glad to be able to take whatever meds I needed without worrying about crossover. AND since Moo couldn't handle my eating tomatoes or anything spicy, it meant eating food I loved again.

And bras! Mercy, yes! Hooray for bras without flappies.

Lawanda said...

Nah, TMI is a part of motherhood ;) hehe

My kids basically weaned themselves. Raechel weaned herself at 19 months. I was so sad, I had wanted to try for 2 years.

I would ask her if she wanted to nurse, and she would say "No mommy" and was weaned. Just like that. waaaaaa

But it is kinda nice in its way, not having to nurse all the time ;)

Anonymous said...

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Heather said...

Yea for nursing your babies so long! I'm not sure I'll be able to let Abbie wean herself- she still wants to nurse every hour, with no end in sight :)

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