Thursday, October 09, 2008

Inside the brains of babies...

Here they all are finally. All 4 boys and all 4 girls. Each girl born within 2 weeks of their brothers second birthdays. Just call us mommies a bunch of freak shows for gaving boys together and then girls. Must be in the water....

Seriously this kids and their mommies have been such a blessing to me over the last couple years. And I am going to miss them all.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

On a dark desert highway...

Well we made it. The kids did awesome on the car ride down. And lost it on the car ride home. I won't go any more into that because I still hyperventilate when I think about it. Here are the pictures. We got a lot accomplished. Sea World, Disneyland, In-n-out(only 3 times), found a place to live, beach, and oh yeah, got to see Daddys ship come home.

Bug and MJ meeting for the first time:
Giving her the left hook:
See the ship in the distance? The best sight in the world:
Waiting patiently:
Notice the "just in case arm" in the back? I can't help it.
Loves his Daddy:
Sitting in the Captains chair:
The safest place to stand on the ship, the missile deck:
Sea World:
Loves his Elmo:
He wouldn't go near Big Bird:
This is me playing with my new super zoom lens from half a mile away:
And of course we squeezed Disneyland in:
He kept saying, "faster faster!"
Her first ear hat:

What is an "inhalator?"

Barrack with out a teleprompter:

Monday, October 06, 2008

B says ba

Today we learned about the letter B. We were going around the house finding things that started with a ba-ba sound. He found "ba-ba-bananas" and then looked around for a minute and tapped my bottom and yelled out, very proud of himself, "ba-ba butt!"


I know I say this every month, but I am going to say it again. I can't beleive you are another month older. Where did it go? It feels like just the other day I was holding you in the hospital. And now you are so big. You love your jumperoo. Haven't figured out the jumping thing yet, but you love the piano and the green frog that spins around. And of course the mirror. You just love to look at the baby you see in every mirror and get so excited when she smiles back at you. :)

We went to the Dr today and you checked out fine. A little cradle cap, and a little diaper rash but he said you are doing great. You weighed in at 15lbs and 5oz and were 26 inches long. You are in the 90% for everything. And you still look like a dainty little girl.

You are not quite sleeping through the night yet, but you only wake up once. I don't mind, sometimes after you go to bed, I want to come in and wake you up because I miss you so much. But I learned with your brother that it is never a good idea to do.

You are singing up a storm too. You are always shy and quiet in public, but as soon as you are around just your brother and me, you let us know what is on your mind!

I love you Bug.