Tuesday, October 07, 2008

On a dark desert highway...

Well we made it. The kids did awesome on the car ride down. And lost it on the car ride home. I won't go any more into that because I still hyperventilate when I think about it. Here are the pictures. We got a lot accomplished. Sea World, Disneyland, In-n-out(only 3 times), found a place to live, beach, and oh yeah, got to see Daddys ship come home.

Bug and MJ meeting for the first time:
Giving her the left hook:
See the ship in the distance? The best sight in the world:
Waiting patiently:
Notice the "just in case arm" in the back? I can't help it.
Loves his Daddy:
Sitting in the Captains chair:
The safest place to stand on the ship, the missile deck:
Sea World:
Loves his Elmo:
He wouldn't go near Big Bird:
This is me playing with my new super zoom lens from half a mile away:
And of course we squeezed Disneyland in:
He kept saying, "faster faster!"
Her first ear hat:

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