Friday, April 03, 2009

Ten and a day

Baby girl. I just don't even know where to start. You are doing so many things lately.
You are not just pulling up on stuff now, you are pulling up at stuff. A couple weeks ago, you crawled over to the door and just stood up at it. Using it only for balance. It has not stopped. You are getting very gutsy. While standing at things, you will regularly just let go with one hand while barely touching the object with the other. Sometimes you even let go and just stand there for a few seconds. And when you are done standing, you no longer just fall down, you will very gracefully lower yourself down. You are getting used to moving along furniture, but still crawling is a faster mode, so you use that as a means of getting around.
You love music. CD's, mommy singing, or just a 30 diddy from a commercial, you sit up, and start bopping your little body back and forth. You love to clap too.
Your sign language is coming along nicely. You are very good at signing all done, more, milk, and kind of water. We have started working on the sign for cheese since that seems to be your favorite food. You will eat a stick and a half of string cheese at one meal. You have started to have definate likes and dislikes. You will eat everything that you like and then with one big swoop, everything gets wiped off your tray. Or sometimes you will pick out what you do not like and throw it on the floor, all the while giving me a big fat smile. You have started to eat so much that I now have to order you your own meal when we eat out at resteraunts. I learned that the hard way on the trip home, when I fed you from my breakfast and then looked down and I had hardly any left for myself.
I took you to the dentist today. In addition to the four teeth you already have, you have 4 more working their way through. Bless your heart.
Your words are coming along nicely. You have mastered mama, dada, and yaya. Sometimes you will ramble off long 4 syllable words, but they have no meaning; as far as I can understand. But in your mind, you know exactly what you are telling me. I can see it in the very serious expression on your face. You love to sing too. You will give it your all while Bear or I are singing. It really is cute.
You love peek a boo. You will hide behind things and then peek out the side and give me one of those big toothy grins and then laugh. The other night you crawled into the other room while I followed behind. You got in the room turn around smiled and then closed the door in my face. I heard you laughing from the other side, and then you opened the door a little to peek around and see if I was still there. And then closed the door on me again.
You adore your big brother. You love everything that is his. You will crawl right over your own toys straight to his. And he will lovingly go get you your own toy and replace it with his. And then when you grab at his again, he will hand it over and find something else to play with. And then you will take off across the room after him to see what else he has to play with.
You still are a very serious baby. You are started to let down that guard. There are actually a few people that you met for the first time that you haven't stared down suspiciously. You love to watch people. Sitting in the Dr's office the other day, your toys lay there ignored while you just sat watching people for about 15 minutes. You will wave at someone when I introduce you and ask you to say hello, but you will not crack a smile for anything.
In only 2 months, you will no longer be my baby. You will be a toddler. A one year old. It makes me want to cry. But I will not dwell on such thoughts. I have 2 more months before then and I am going to enjoy the baby you as much as I can. Happy 10 month birthday little girl.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Okay, I have only been home a week, but the bleary no sun days were starting to get to me. Combine that with the fact that we haven't left the house since Wed because the kids are sick, and I was about to lose my blessed mind! So today when that bright shining ball in the sky came out to play-I had to ask someone what it was, it had been so long, I decided we were going out. Running noses, coughing and all. We kept to ourselves, didn't snot on too many rocks, and hopefully didn't share our germs and I whipped the camera out.

And a funny little story. I have been teaching Bear his musical scales. He is getting pretty good at the Sound of Music song, "Doe-a-deer." So the other day in the car he sang his scales all the way up, "Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do!" I decided to give him a challenge and sing it down. So I sang for him, "Do-ti-la-so-fa-mi-re-do!" He gave me a funny look and said, "Mommy! There is no Tela in there!" It took me a moment and then I busted out laughing. Ti-la! Now I can't help but hear Tela when I sing it.