Friday, November 30, 2007

There is a one!

For the last few months, Bear has been able to count to 3 except he would always say it like this, "2...2...3!" I would try and get him to say one, but as soon as I said "1.." he would say "2...3!" Well yesterday he finally got it. So now he is running around the house counting everything. "1...2...3!" So proud of himself. Today I even got a "1..2..3..4!" But that only happened once and I can't get him to do it again but we are close.

Now when it comes to his name he is stuck on the first 3 letters and has been for about 4 months now. Now without putting his name on here, I will exchange letters for numbers. I ask him how to spell his name and he says "1-2-3-3!" He just cannot get that last letter. One day we were by the Jeep and I pointed to each letter and spelled out "J-E-E-P, Jeep!" He looked at me with a big smile on his face and spelled his name. I just cracked up laughing.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In case you were wondering...

I had In-N-Out 5 times in 4 days. I still miss it too.

What a wierdo

For bed now, Bear has to have his Might "on" his head. He puts it on like a little ghost. Tonight during prayers, he kept yelling "on! on!" and struggling to put Might up there. And then when I lay him down, I have to lay the blanket completely over him so that it covers his face too. He just cracks me up.
We ran to the mini mart down the way this evening and saw some christmas lights on the way and I told him that I thought they were pretty. When we got home, he crawls up in my lap, rubs his hand down my face looks me square in the eye and says "pwetty." Oh I just about melted right there, I needed that kiddo.

I think I ruined my child

Bear has watched about 4 hours of TV in his entire life. One reason is I really believe that it rots his brain, the Pediatrics Association recommends no TV until they are 2 and I think it should be like 10. There are so many disgusting things on TV. Even if you regulate the shows, the commercials are just as bad! There is nothing that my child can learn from a television show that he can't learn from his momma. Another reason is that I think there are so many better things he could be doing with his time than sitting his butt in front of a TV getting fat. I know he isn't fat right now, but he is building habits every day and I don't want that to be one of them. So we play and sing and clean up around the house. He is real good at laundry. And helping with meals.
So anyways, I will step down off my soap box now. On our drive down to Cali though, I was really scared that he would become very restless being in the car for 23 straight hours. We got out and stretched and ate, but it was a long drive for all of us. So we brought our portable DVD player. He watched maybe 3 movies on the way down and I think part of Alice in Wonderland on the way back, but that was enough to hook him. Every now and then he will run to the TV and yell "moosie!" I can distract him most of the time, but I am hoping he will eventually forget about movies.

He thinks he is slick

I just found Bear with a candy cane in his mouth. He had somehow gotten the wrapper off and was sucking away. I took it away from him and noticed he still had something in his mouth. I asked him to open his mouth so I could see. He turns his head away from me spits something into his hand and turns back around to face me and opens his mouth. How in the world does he know to be devious at this age?
When he was about 6 months old he and I were in his room loading diapers in the diaper stacker. I put the plastic bag on the ground too close to him and he picks it up and starts chewing on it. I said "not in your mouth" he then turns around and faces the other way and starts to chew on it again. I then informed him that just because he can't see me doesn't mean I can't see him. Isn't this something that older siblings teach younger ones?

Monday, November 26, 2007


I have never bathed Tela by myself. That has always been a two person job. However, she has started to smell like a dog lately(I don't know why that is so surprising.) And after spending a week at the kennel I figured it was time for a bath. They asked me if I wanted her bathed before I picked her up and frugal me said no thank you. I wish I had. Have you ever tried to get a 140lb dog into a bathtub? She was not going in there. I brought out the treats, spoke soothingly and it did not matter. I brought her in the bathroom and asked her to get in the tub, she said no way jose and bolted out of there. I chased her around the house for the next 10 minutes. Now normally she listens. Not today. I had taken her collar off already(Note to self: do not remove the grabbing device on that horse until she is in the tub.) I finally get her standing/cowering in front and she will not get in. I had to reach down behind her legs and lift her in the tub. That took about 4 tries though because she kept wiggling out of it. So I get her front legs in and she begrudgingly puts her hind legs in. The bath itself was pretty uneventful. She stood there like a statue refusing to budge even a little so I could wash her other side, but all in all it was okay. Next time though I might just pay the money to have someone else do it.