Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Switched at birth

If our daughters had not been born 11 days apart, I would seriously wonder if I had Daphnes daughter living in my house.
Her name definition has the words 'neat and tidy' in it. And boy does she live up to those words. She cleans up after her brother. If she sees a random piece of paper on the floor, she will pick it up and put it neatly on the table. Or if there is a stray toy, she will put it in the toy box. She cleans up after me. Case in point. Today I got in the shower and left my clothes on the floor to be taken to the washing machine after I was done. That was too long for her. I got out of the shower and the clothes were gone. She had picked them up and put them in the dirty laundry basket for me. I then dropped a wash cloth on the floor to see what she would do. She picked it up and walked through the house to the washing machine and placed it in the basket.
She does not like drawers to be half opened or even cracked open. Those get promptly closed.
And she loves the shark vacuum. As soon as I let her down from her highchair, she runs to the shark to clean up the mess that was made during the meal.
My sweet clean baby.