Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Can't stop laughing

The image is burned in my head. I saw this on another blog tonight and now I feel the need to share it. This just might be the funniest thing I have seen in awhile.
When I feel a little blue, I am going to use this. Over and over.
Seriously can't stop laughing. I see the computer screen through teary eyes.


Nice catch...

We worked out a plan. I would take Duke out before I went to bed, and Johnathan would take him out when he got home from work. Last night around 2:45, I was semi aware of Johnathan being there and messing with the dog crate. I was fully awake when he started yelling at me to get up and help him. Duke had taken two steps out of his crate when he decided he couldn't hold it any longer. He squatted right there. Frantic, Johnathan did the first thing that came to his mind. He put his hands under that dog and caught every drop Lord bless his heart. I can't stop laughing right now while I am thinking about the scene I woke up to.
I wasn't going to put it on here because I didn't want to embarrass him, but he told the vet about it today so I figure it is okay. Oh I love that man.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Soggy feet

I guess that Noah misses going to the pool. Tonight I took BM out to potty and I left Bear playing in the living room with his toys. I guess I didn't close "the gate" all the way. I came back in and Bear was standing in the dog water dish splashing about having a grand old time. I didn't even take a picture, I just snatched him out and took his clothes off. The only thing I can say is that at least it was not the toilet.

Making Mama proud

This morning I was cleaning up after breakfast and had an eye on the Bear but wasn't watching him like a hawk. All of a sudden I looked down and he had grabbed a red dish towel from the dirty clothes and was "washing" the kitchen floor with it. Back and forth, back and forth. He continued on for about 5 minutes after I took the picture.

And then while I was making lunch, I told him to go and get a book. He came back a few minutes later with one of my favorite books The Fountainhead.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Oops I did it again

I do not know what I was thinking when I thought it was a good idea to go and get another Great Dane. Last night was reminiscent of about a year ago after Johnathan left and I was awake every 2 hours with Noah. Fortunately though, Johnathan was here last night to help out. We got these pads that are grass scented and are supposed to attract the puppy. No. They do not. He wants to pee and poop everywhere but the pad. And speaking of poop, I don't know how he holds as much poop as he put out. All of his insides must be poop. It was mind boggling last night. And thank you D for suggesting Natures Miracle. That stuff works great!

We still do not have a name. We are throwing around a few. It has to be big. It has to be great. It has to fit the puppy too though. So far we have, Duke(my favorite), Hercules, Zeus, Sampson, Goliath(Johnathans favorite), Mufasa( but if we name him that, we have to say it like in the movie every time, Muuufasa! And that is just too much work. And my all time favorite is BM. For, you guessed it: bowel movement. Please give suggestions. We can't keep calling this puppy "hey you!"

Tela is not too sure right now. She was fine at the place where we got him, but when we got home, it was like she realized he was here to stay. I had these beautiful dreams of them cuddling on the first night and Tela "adopting" him as her own. Nope. No siree. We are going to have to work on this relationship.

Here is a picture of BM:

He is 7 weeks old, and is going to be big. We met his parents who are 200 and 150 lbs. Yes I am crazy.