Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seriously check this out...

This guy has an incredible voice, I just can't believe my eyes or ears.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Trip home and the big boy bed

On the pier in Pismo Beach

Who's that dude?

In the Redwoods:
The famous drive-through tree (except we were too tall to drive through, must of been made before the invention of SUV's and Thule's)
A Shrek and Donkey made with a chainsaw, "Shrek is an ogre mommy!":

Not only did he get his picture taken with Lightning and Mater at Disneyland, but on our way through Oregon, we saw Sheriff sitting on the side of the road. His first comment was "Mommy, where are his eyes?"

I could live there...

The big-boy bed: Even Bug is having fun on it...

That is rice on her face. Not the neatest eater...After making that drive from Cali to Wa about 4 times this last year on I-5, I decided I needed something different. We took the coast from SD to Oregon and then cut over to the 5. It was gorgeous. I made that drive many moons ago, but I had forgotten how curvy and hilly it was. I was almost turning green in the front seat and Bear was hollering from the back, "Go faster mommy, it is like a roller coaster!" We stopped all along the way and saw some neat things. The Redwoods are so beautiful to drive through too. We took 3 days to get home instead of the usual 2, but it was worth it. It was relaxing and a good battery recharger. When we got home, I decided that it was time for Bear to get a big boy bed. So I found one on Craigslist and went and picked it up. It has a few stickers on the slide, but other than that is in great shape and has provided hours of fun already. He can play underneath it, and of course the slide has not gone unnoticed. And I have to say he has done a really good job of controlling himself too, because I have not been awoken by any midnight sliding extravaganzas, which I have to admit I was afraid of.

I was going to do a nice slideshow with music of all the pictures, but seriously, I do not have time for that. It is nice to be home though. Even if I left 80 degree weather for the rain...