Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Nursery

Well I guess I won't really be able to call it a nursery for very much longer. I always wanted to have a little girl, so that I could do a room just like this! Ha ha. Just kidding... kind of. I actually bought the bedding two days before I knew it was a girl officially. I found it on ebay and after months of hem hawing, I knew that this was what I wanted and I made the bid and I won! And then I found out it was a girl. Phew.
The only things in this room that were bought brand new are the crib, and the rocker and her bookshelf. Everything else was bought at garage sales, craigslist, or made by my daddy. He bought the dresser off craigslist and him and I stripped that thing down and refinished it. And the changing table which will one day convert into a desk, the base is to an old singer sewing machine that he had in his house as a kid. From scratch he built the top and lower shelf and even made matching bookshelves that I will eventually get hung on the wall. He is so wonderfully talented with his hands. I am so happy that he taught he how to do some of those things. There is something very theraputic about working with your hands like that and refinishing furniture. My mom made the beautiful blanket that is on the chair. Again, she is very talented in making beautiful blankets and hats for the kids. Something I do not have the patience for. :) On top of her book case is an old window that I won off of ebay almost five years ago. I never knew what to do with it, I mean I knew I wanted to make a picture frame out of it, but it just never really fit anywhere just right in my house. Until now. Now it is filled with her newborn pictures and looks like it was made for her room.
The painted lattice on one wall was an experiment gone bad. I had this grand picture in my head of having a lattice and then painting dainty flowers and vines up it. But once I got the paint on the wall, which to me looks a little Pepto Bismolly, I decided that I liked the original color of the room and that it goes quite nicely with it. So, just one more project added to my list. :)
Now to tackle Bears room. Just a few stars painted on the wall, painting a few pieces of furniture and I should be done. Yay!