Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lead socks for Christmas.

This little girl has been on top of every horizontal surface in this house. We have been here for almost four days. She has been on the kitchen table, the counters, the stove (eek!), and the one that baffles me is her changing table. Her baby crib is right next to it, but it is still over a two foot climb up to the changing table. When I hear her call "MOM!" I know she has climbed up on something and has no idea how to get down.
I am seriously going to tie her to something, or fill her diaper with rocks. I don't mind that she never stops, she is always going. It is the climbing thing that just unnerves me. I am waiting for the day that I have to take her to the ER with a busted head or arm. Fortionatly she is a very graceful and effient climber.