Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And again...

I was cleaning Bears room today and there was a spray can of glass cleaner up out of his reach. We have had a very long talk about chemicals because one day he emptied half a spray bottle of vinegar and water.
So today he looks at me and says, "Mommy please take those chemicals."
I told him that were out of his reach and it was okay.
"Mommy, please take those chemicals, they are a temptation for me."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I can't not share this.

"Mommy, can I jump on your bed?"


"Why mommy, why?"

"Do you remember the song with the monkeys jumping on the bed and they fall off and bonk their heads and get hurt? That does not sound like fun does it?"


A moment of silence...

And then I hear this,

"Five little monkeys jumping in the bed, one fell off and bonked his head." This newest addition to the song is the part that kills me, "but he did not get hurt and he had some fun!"

"Mommy, the monkeys did not get hurt, now I can I jump on your bed?"

I almost wanted to let him jump on my bed just for being so clever...

Face Off

I taught Bear the game of, "I got your nose!" about a month ago and it is not just noses that come off anymore. One day we sat down and took turns eating each others faces. I am not sure if it is really the best parenting in the world, part of me thinks I am turning him into a cannibalistic psychopath. But none the less he has fun. "Ha ha ha ha, I got your eyes mommy! Now you can see to eat off any more of my face!"
He has taken it to a new level though. The clever little booger, when told to do something, now eats his hands. "Sorry mommy, I can't, I ate my hands!"
Bug is non-stop these days. She has mastered climbing up the stairs. Climbing down is another story though. Her method of trying to slide back down head first usually just leads to tears. Unless she is on the bottom stair, and that just makes her shake her head and climb back up. I caught her about a month ago trying to climb up her brothers slide like he does. She was about 6 inches up before she tried to sit down and rolled back to the bottom. Everyday she goes a little further. But then gets so excited she starts to rock back and forth and slides to the bottom. I took them to Jungle Playland last week and she bolted right up the colored bumps.
Now walking, I am not too sure that is going to happen too soon. I got her a little car that she can walk behind and she loves to push that around, she loves to walk behind her brother while he is riding it too. I love baby toddles. When she walks in front of me holding my fingers, her left leg takes big huge steps and her right leg takes lady like little steps but her knee comes all the way up to her chest first.
Bear and Bug have really started to interact with each other. They have for awhile, but more now than ever. And they play really well together. He loves to show her how to do things. He has gotten it in his head that it is okay to try and pick her up. He wants to have her in his lap. So he will sit down next to her and wrap his arms around her and ends up rolling her over him and then rolling over her. She comes up laughing most of the time. Other times she comes up pissed. And I keep telling him that one day she is just going to get up and clobber him. He loves to hold her hand. Every time we are in the car now, they pass things back and forth and then eventually end up holding hands.
I got them a swing set for the back yard and she loves it. Well he does too but that is a given. She loves to swing. She kicks back with her arm propped up on the side and just chills. He loves his swing and is actually starting to learn how to pump his legs so he can swing himself. Yay! The kid is a nut on the swings. He loves to go so high. And he loves his slide. I don't think there is a position that he hasn't gone down it yet. Tummy, head first, back wards. rolling down on his side. That was unintentional and at the end of that one he gets up and says, "Darn it! That was pretty graceful!" He cracks me up everyday. And then he turns around and is just the sweetest in the world. He loves to tell me, "You are the best mommy in the wowld!" I love how he says world. He is constantly smothering me in kisses and hugs. And when he takes his nap, he has to be cuddled in my arms. "I need a hug to sleep mommy." How in the world can I say no to that?
Potty training is going well. Daddy was up this weekend and taught him what only a man can teach. How to pee standing up. It was really hilarious. He had taught himself, kind of. I do not know from where he got this, but he had started to face the toilet and kind of squat over the front, on his own. He called this standing up peeing. Well when Daddy got up here, he taught him how to stand up all the way and aim. He helped the first time and the look of pride on his face was so adorable. The next time he tried it by himself and ended up with not a single drop in the toilet. So I helped him the next time. He is getting better at it.
I am so glad the weather is getting nice. The sun has been feeling so nice on my face. I hope it stays this nice.