Saturday, September 06, 2008

A little too literal

I love baby feet. But I guess that I need to watch what I say and do around baby feet from now on. I always nibble at Bugs toes and tell Bear how I love the taste of baby feet. Today I guess he got curious as to what they really tasted like. I was sitting with her in my lap and he was playing with her feet, singing songs and clapping them together. At one point, his face went down to her toes and he started sniffing them. The next thing I know, she starts screaming bloody murder. He jumped at the sound of it, took one look at her face and burst into tears himself. I still had no idea what had happened until I felt her sock. Nice and wet. I took her sock off and there were two perfect front teeth marks. I got her settled down and pulled a still very upset Bear into my lap too. In between sobs, I think I heard, "I so sorry! I so sorry, I broke you!" I decided that he had punished himself far worse then I ever could. I gently told him that is was just pretend when mommy ate the babies toes.
Tonight when Daddy called, he must of asked Bear what he had done that day because Bear said very matter of factly into the phone, "I eat my sister."

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

3 months

I love how your face lights up as you watch your brother play.

I love that your brother is the only one who has been able to make you laugh so far.

I love that you turned over today from front to back for the first time while I had the camera in my hands.

I love how you stick your tongue out to mimic me.

I love your big gummy grin.

I love that the back of your head looks like I shaved a strip of it off.
I love that your big brother worships the ground you walk on.
I love you Baby Girl.

Rolling over for the first time!

So proud of her.

My baby sister D made the Varsity swim team today. She is only a Sophmore. But she made it last year so it would of been wierd if she hadn't made it this year huh? Congratulations Boo.