Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Her first magic trick

Went to my Grandparents today. They ordered Chinese food for lunch. I fed Bug some chowmein noodles. At one point, she started making this funny noise. You know like when you have a scratch at the back of your throat? She kept doing that and sneezing and moving her eyes in funny ways. At some point Grandma said something about shrimp in the chowmein. My stomach jumped up to my throat. She is allergic to shell fish! That was my first thought. Her throat was closing in, and she couldn't breath. But she could. She was breathing fine, just making those funny noises and doing the eye thing. I watched her like a hawk and was poised to call 911 at a seconds notice and she stopped for awhile. I asked Grandma to hold her so I could go to the bathroom. Now let me say this because I sound like a horrible mom. I had no worries about her having an allergic reaction. So I felt ok with leaving her for 30 seconds. Anyways, I came back and my Grandma says, "she has got a booger hanging out of her nose and I just can't get it." So being the mom not afraid of boogers, I reach down and grab it. But it just keeps coming. And coming. And coming. I pulled a 2 and a half inch noodle out of that little face. I don't even remember giving her a noodle that long. I mean obviously I did, they weren't self healing noodles. But it just blew my mind that she somehow sucked it up and then worked it all the way through her nasal passages to get it to come out of her nose.
I even saved the noodle. That thing is going in the baby book. Might even post a picture of it on here....

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The happiest place on earth

I feel like I slept with a hanger in my mouth last night. (One of my favorite lines from Friends.) I woke up this morning and couldn't stop smiling. Why? Because I was going to Disneyland! The kids and I went there this morning and had a great time. We went on rides that we didn't get last time and Bug loved it more than I thought she would. She loved the tea-cups, and Dumbo and they both loved It's a small world.
They got to see Mickey, Goofy, Tigger and Eeyore. She tried to bite Mickeys nose. Bear was so shy around them it was funny.
He added a couple more cars to his "Cars" collection and a Big ol' bucket of Soldiers. He carried that around with him and showed it to anyone who would listen. You can see it was in the pictures with him too. I thought it would be a nice "manly" toy for him to play with. Until I looked at him in the rear view mirror and saw that he was kissing two of them together...
Then on the way home he asked for a Starbucks. I told him that he was a very lucky boy today and he should be happy for the good time he had. He asked again for Starbucks and I told him he should count his blessings and be thankful for what he had. He asked me what blessings were. I told him they were gifts from God. A few moments passed and he yelled from the back seat, "three!"
I asked him what 3 was, and he said, "My new Dinoco helicopter, my new Tom, and her!" Pointing over at his sister. Make my heart melt.

Monday, March 02, 2009


You are such a funny little girl. You love to laugh but only as long as you are in the safety of those that love you. You are very wary around new people. You met the Dr last week and I swear you him one long look from head to toe with one eye brow raised. That is just how you are with new people. You have to take it all in before you will let down that wall.
Contemplative. That is the best word to describe you. You like to sit back and watch the situation unfold. Take it all in.
You love your brother. You two seem to have this secret language that only you two understand. You sit and "talk" to each other and laugh and squeal.
This stomach bug you had really took a toll on you. You went from almost 18 lbs(75%) at 6 months to just over 16 lbs(15%) today. If you had stayed on your growth curve you would of been over 20 lbs today. The Dr was not worried though. You are still growing in height and your head. You are 28.5 in tall. So we just might not to be able to turn you around at one year. Sounds like you are going to be tall and skinny.
You love food. You eat what we do for the most part now with fillers of jarred food and breast milk in between. You love pancakes and eggs.
You love to smile and babble all day long. And you have this wierd fasination with Bears cars. You love to sit there and drive them back and forth and growl. No doubt that you have learned that from your brother.
You love to clap and play peek-a-boo and you love to wave at people in the store. Now you have that face of stone on while you are doing it though.
You have been crawling for a couple weeks now and are very proficient at it. You have been pulling up to your knees on things for about a month, but the last few days you have actually started to get your feet under you. It is only a matter of time before you are furniture cruising.
You are such a sweet baby that loves to cuddle. You love to play with my hair while you are nursing and if mine is pulled back you like to reach up to your own head, get a handful and twirl it.
I love you little girl. I love watching you change and grow every day. I love watching you learn new things and that look of pride on your face when you figure something out. You are quick to let me know when you are upset, you have quite a little temper on you but you more than make up for it with your toothy smiles and your waves from across the room and then eventually following me around the room and being underfoot every time I turn around. I love it.

He's back....

With all of the tummy bug stuff last week and the week before, he had no appetite. But the last few days he has made up for not eating for a week and a half.
This morning for breakfast he had:
3 eggs, 2 string cheeses, 2 bananas, a glass of rice milk, 2 bowls of cheerios, 2 bowls of applesauce.
And that was only in 30 minutes. He has already asked me for his morning snack.
I think he is on a growth spurt too though. The last 3 nights he has woken up screaming that his legs were hurting. 3 and 4 times a night. So I have started rubbing and stretching his legs before bed. It seems to help a little.