Thursday, February 19, 2009

Round one is over, but round two is just begun...

On Monday morning at 3 am, I was awoken to Bear standing in the middle of the room puking half way across it. He was awake at 6 decorating the floor some more. And at various hours through out the day, I was rushing across the room trying to get him to aim in a bucket that he did not want to stick his head in. By that night it was coming out of the other side.
Last night, he was starting to perk up. Even ate a few cheerios for dinner. I thought to myself, "finally we are coming out of this." And with that I jinxed myself. I got Bug up from her nap that afternoon, she took one look at me and barfed right on me. He slept through the night finally, but she was up all night, miserable. It has continued on today. Bear has been feeling a little better, only a few messy diapers. But she is going through what I can only hope is the worst of it now.
Now I have to say a few things here. We had started potty training. For the last week, he had only had a couple of accidents. And that means through the night and naptime too, and those were just with the number 2 side. He was doing awesome. I am not sure how this is going to affect him now.
And I am a sympathetic puker. Smell it, see it, hear it, think it, and I am barfing right along with the original victim. It has been by the grace of God himself that I have not barfed right back on them when they were barfing on me.
Red gatorade=red barf that stains. That is all I will say about that.
And on a positive note; this was the best time for them to get this because the carpet that has taken the brunt of it is getting replaced this weekend.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The best Valentine I could ever get

We were riding in the car yesterday and Bear was asking if we were going to see his uncle "Dan-the-man." I said yes, he would be at home.
"Is Lulu (Uncle's girlfriend) going to be there too?"
"Yes honey."
"Is Lulu going to spend the night?"
"No honey, she isn't spending the night."
"Because they are not married baby."
"Oh.----Am I going to get married mommy?"
"Yes honey, when God brings a woman to you and you love her more than anything else."
Silence for about 3 minutes. Then:
"Mommy can I marry you?"
My heart melted.