Monday, November 26, 2007


I have never bathed Tela by myself. That has always been a two person job. However, she has started to smell like a dog lately(I don't know why that is so surprising.) And after spending a week at the kennel I figured it was time for a bath. They asked me if I wanted her bathed before I picked her up and frugal me said no thank you. I wish I had. Have you ever tried to get a 140lb dog into a bathtub? She was not going in there. I brought out the treats, spoke soothingly and it did not matter. I brought her in the bathroom and asked her to get in the tub, she said no way jose and bolted out of there. I chased her around the house for the next 10 minutes. Now normally she listens. Not today. I had taken her collar off already(Note to self: do not remove the grabbing device on that horse until she is in the tub.) I finally get her standing/cowering in front and she will not get in. I had to reach down behind her legs and lift her in the tub. That took about 4 tries though because she kept wiggling out of it. So I get her front legs in and she begrudgingly puts her hind legs in. The bath itself was pretty uneventful. She stood there like a statue refusing to budge even a little so I could wash her other side, but all in all it was okay. Next time though I might just pay the money to have someone else do it.

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