Tuesday, November 27, 2007

He thinks he is slick

I just found Bear with a candy cane in his mouth. He had somehow gotten the wrapper off and was sucking away. I took it away from him and noticed he still had something in his mouth. I asked him to open his mouth so I could see. He turns his head away from me spits something into his hand and turns back around to face me and opens his mouth. How in the world does he know to be devious at this age?
When he was about 6 months old he and I were in his room loading diapers in the diaper stacker. I put the plastic bag on the ground too close to him and he picks it up and starts chewing on it. I said "not in your mouth" he then turns around and faces the other way and starts to chew on it again. I then informed him that just because he can't see me doesn't mean I can't see him. Isn't this something that older siblings teach younger ones?

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