Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cow Complex

It all started last week when we were watching Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe was on a dairy farm and the show was about cows, how to clean them, milk them, and help them give birth including c-sections. It was pretty interesting and educational and the dirty humor went over their heads.
It showed how they put them all up on a big wheel and hook them up to pumps and milk them. We loved the part while they gave birth, they walk around with hooves and nose sticking out of them for a couple hours and then they lay down, mooo a lot and out comes the calf. I even got a little teary and Bear had lots of good questions. Then came the part where they had to give momma cow a C-section. They showed it all, cutting her skin and three layers of muscle and then the uterus. While they were doing this, I told Bear that this was how he was born. He looked at the screen wide eyed and then at me and then back at the screen, a look of pure horror spreading across his face. I knew then that I had made a mistake in sharing that information. But you can't unring a bell. So I explained to him how it didn't hurt at all and that was the only way he could of been born. It all worked out okay and mommy is fine. He then told me he was sorry. :(

So today we were riding in the car and driving past the cow farm on our way home. He randomly asked me if someday he could milk a cow. Here is how the conversation went from there:
Me: "sure, someday if we ever have the opportunity, you can milk a cow. Do you want to milk one to drink the milk?"
Silence for a good ten seconds.
Him: "No, why would I drink the milk?"
Me: "Because that is what you do when you milk a cow, you use that milk to drink."
Him(totally disgusted): "I do not want to drink cows milk."
Me: "You drink cows milk every day."
Him: "No I do not! I drink milk from the refrigerator!"
Me: "Where do you think that milk comes from?"
Him: "The store."

So now he has sworn off cows milk and he thinks it is so gross we drink milk from another animals "boo boos." Which I have to admit, after watching Dirty Jobs, I couldn't drink milk for a few days, I know that that is where milk comes from, but it still kind of grossed me out.

He did however inform me that he won't drink cows milk but if I could get some dinosaur milk for him he would drink that.


MamaGeph said...

Yeah, and after you get him some dinosaur milk, you can whip it up with some weasel eggs and have an impossible quiche.

He is such a thinker. What an amazing boy. :)

Lawanda said...

Dinosaur milk!!! LOL!!!!!

qifei2012 said...

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