Sunday, July 22, 2007

Heaven on a bun with cheese

My momma returned from Cali on Friday and what did that precious woman bring me? An In-N-Out burger! Of course I begged her to bring it. I also asked for a milkshake but she drew the line at the burger. So Friday morning when she left the hotel in Redding, she drove to the greatest resteraunt in the world and bought me my burger. Plain. Meat and cheese. Then Saturday morning, my brother brought it up to me. And I sat down and ate itas slow as I could. Well Bear ate some too. It is the first fast food that he has had ever. And he said, "hmmmm." I said "yes son, this is wonderful. Even a day later." Then he said, "mo- peas." Which translates into more, please. And mixed with his little signing skills, I had a hard time saying no. So I broke off a second peice of my little heaven and shared. One of the hardest things I have had to do. Ever.

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