Monday, July 23, 2007

How in the world!?!

So I will admit it. I am watching the Age of love. I need some sort of noise after everyone goes to bed and there is nothing but crap on TV. This is not better but it intrigues me.
How in the world can you first of all date a man on national TV? And second date him while he is dating 6 other women at the same time? In a 5 minute period he has kissed 3 different women and it doesn't bother any of them. No way would I kiss a guy after watching him make out with someone else! Gross! What are these people thinking? And they all say they are in love with him. After like 5 days. I do believe in love at first site, but come on! What some people will do for a little fame.

Alright this is my rant for the evening. I am going to finish my show and fold some laundry.

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