Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another new discovery

I was taking laundry out of the dryer and heard this strange noise. I turned around and Noah was puking on the kitchen floor. I rushed over not really sure what had caused it. He hadn't been eating or drinking. He choked on it for a few more minutes and I got him settled down. I started to clean up the mess while out of the corner of my eye I was watching him. He took his hand and put it in his mouth. So far in fact his fingers were going into his throat. He started to puke again. My son was making himself throw up. I got that mess cleaned up and he kept doing it. I don't know if he understood that he was doing that to himself. He had to be miserable throwing up, why would he keep doing it? A part of me thinks this is kind of funny, but another part is kind of worried.

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MamaGeph said...

Ah, the gagging phase. Can't wait to come to that again... If you figure out a cure other than time, let me know.

I'll bet the dogs thought it was really cool.