Tuesday, June 19, 2007

For sale or trade

For sale:
One 12 1/2 month old male. Fresh from nap, does not want to be held or be on the floor. Throwing huge temper tantrum at the moment. He insists on throwing his body about violently while making this noise that for lack of better words, sounds like a cat being tortured. He has taken all of his fresh folded laundry and thrown that everywhere. Normally he is a very sweet and well tempered boy. Will consider trade if it is for a model that does not do the things mentioned above. Please hurry, I think he found where I was hiding.


daphne said...

Love it....I would trade you but Jackson is doing the same thing. I just posted something similar on my blog and am cracking up now at yours and how we are going through the same things...so when do we get that mommy's day out coffee break? :)

MamaGeph said...

You just need a better hiding place.