Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tall and skinny

Just got back from the Dr. and Bear is taking a much deserved nap. It was a good visit. Found out that he is allergic to sugar. No joke. So his week long spree of sugar(which consisted of birthday cake and a sip of mommas slurpee) has come to an end. Unfortionatly this includes some fruits. Pears, apples, and prunes. I think this lasts until he is potty trained. This last week has been nonstop diaper rash. The day after this party I almost took him to the ER, his butt was bleeding it was so bad. Hopefully this will take care of it.
He is tall and skinny like I used to be a LONG time ago. He weighs in at 24 lbs which is the 50-75% and is 32 inches tall which is 95%. His head is normal size. The Dr was really impressed with his vocabulary, which is about 10 words spoken and about 5 signed. But hey who needs to sign if you can just ask for what you want right? I tried to teach him to say "doctor" for today but when he said it for the Doc, it came out more of a dotder. Close though.
Wow, I am so tired. I just zoned out for a minute staring at the screen. This kiddo takes a lot out of me. I think that I am going to go lay down for a cat nap.

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