Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A practicing Magician

This is just too funny not to share.
Tonight at dinner I was reading, yes I know not to motherly of me but it is a good book about dog behavior a friend lent me. Anyways, Noah had a whole heap of food in front of him so he would be busy for awhile. About 3 minutes passed and I looked up to check on him and almost all of his food was gone. He is a fast eater but not that fast. So I looked on the floor surrounding his highchair, nothing. I looked under the tray in his lap, nothing. I thought well hmm maybe he was just really hungry. We sat a little longer and I started to day dream out the window and out of the corner of my eye I saw where he was stashing the food. This little stinker was throwing it behind him. I took a look back there and sure enough, there was all of his food, down the back of his head, his shirt and his back. I could not help but laugh. And then get real serious and gave him the obligitory speech of the starving children in China. I wonder how long parents have been using that saying anyways?


daphne said...

love, love, love it....what is it with the behind the head? Jackson has done that some lately. It's so fun watching them parallel in the same activities. On the diaper rash...have you tried A&D on his bottom? Jackson clears up ASAP with it. I don't like the other creams, they don't seem to work on him.

MamaGeph said...

At least he doesn't put things in his ears or up his nose. Yet.