Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No soap added

My washing machine is super at spinning the clothes so fast and hard that they come out of there almost dry and only need a few minutes in the dryer. Well one down fall to this is that the washing machine shakes so hard that it sounds and feels as if a jumbo jet is taking off in my kitchen. I discovered this the hard way when we first got the set. Don't put anything near the front of the washing machine. It WILL vibrate off. Well yesterday I was rearranging and left a bottle of brand new laundry soap in the place that I shouldn't. I really should tape that area off. Last night I was talking to my sister and heard a loud bang from the kitchen. Stupidly I didn't think anything of it, and went on with the conversation. Bear disappeared from my sight and got really quiet so I knew he was into something. I went into the kitchen to find him standing in the middle of a blue lake playing away. The puddle spread from the washer and dryer all the way out to my refrigerator about 6 feet away. I grabbed him and threw him in the tub. After that I closed the gate off to the kitchen(to keep dog and child out) and went to work cleaning it up. I went through 5 big bath towels and several smaller hand towels soaking it up. I then looked at the pile of towels and realized I couldn't wash them all together because that would be way too much soap and then I would have a bubble mess on my hands. (Pictures of Uncle Buck played in my head) So now I am doing my laundry and throwing one towel in at a time and not adding any additional soap to it. And I must say my floor is really clean now too.

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