Monday, January 28, 2008

They say honesty is the best policy

Some mornings we move real slow and I don't get to "take care" of myself right away like I used to. Today is one of those days. I haven't showered yet and I haven't brushed my teeth. Well I was just kindly reminded of that fact. I was bending over Bear as he laid down for his nap and I was telling him how much I love him. He looks up at me with this discusted look, points at my mouth and says, "Mommy, itty...itty." Which translates into Mommy icky. Great. Just great. My breath is grossing out my own kid.


MamaGeph said...

Don't feel too bad...I'm sure his poopy diapers don't exactly smell like roses. :)

Lawanda said...

haha! My 8 year old told me I stunk yesterday (because I hadn't got a shower because I was taking care of THEM! HA!) ;)