Friday, June 26, 2009

Part two

Well the second day flew by. Kind of. I hate hate hate the drive after Sacramento. It is fine for about an hour and then you hit the farmlands and fields. It is flat brown stinky and every time you open a door, you get bombarded by flys from all of the cows. But I must say that I was grateful for one of those flys because it kept Bug entertained for almost an hour while Bear took a nap in the afternoon. Her eyes followed that fly all over the Jeep. She would start to get fussy and it would land on her and catch her attention all over again.
I tried to plan our trip around LA traffic. I planned to leave at 4 from Redding getting us through LA before the bad traffic hit. It was a good plan in theory. But Bug, not being in her regular environment was up and crying every hour. At 3, I brought her back to bed with me, and then couldn't sleep for fear of her crawling off the bed. At 3:15 when my alarm went off, I thought, screw it, I am not getting up now for a 12 hour drive. So we left at 7:30 and hit wonderful beautiful 5mph traffic for 2 hours. Luckily, they slept through all of it. They would lift their heads every once in a while, look around, and go back to sleep.
They did so awesome, I did not have to bust out the DVD player once. I did however indoctrinate my children with oldies. We sang out hearts out to Neil Diamond, The Beattles, Ricky Valens, and listened to a lot of Adventures in Odyssey.
I saw one funny thing that still makes me wonder. It was a truck carrying two port a potties. On the outside door were scenes of a beautiful Hawaiian beach. And this made me think. Why don't they put those scenes on the inside walls so that as I am squatting, doing my business, I could peak out through my watery eyes every now and then and pretend I was somewhere else. Now I realize that these would have to be very strong pictures to be able to make me pretend I was not sitting in a box with other peoples poop and very questionable circulation, but still, it would be a nice try.
So we are here. It is 80 degrees out. I am getting us unpacked and ready for Disneyland tomorrow. WAHOO!

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MamaGeph said...

You make me chuckle. You're right - the pictures should be on the inside.

Give those two a hug for me. Have a great time!