Monday, June 01, 2009

Fun in the sun...

His new slip n slide
This is how she figured out crawling on the concrete so that she doesn't scrape her knees

Sticking her face in the water and drinking

Her pool
We are very much Washingtonians. I was talking with Donna tonight as I was downloading these pictures and she asked if I would look up the forecast for tomorrow. I told her it was supposed to be 80 degrees this week. She sighed and said that she was tired of all this heat. We are ready for some rain. Ready for a break in the heat. This is why we go on vacation. To visit the sun and get our fill. We don't need it where we live.

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MamaGeph said...

Oh, Donna, I so agree! 80 is just too much of a good thing. I don't even own any shorts that aren't for working in the yard and getting grubby.

Those kids of yours are cute enough to be illegal.