Saturday, June 06, 2009

Before naptime

Not only does Bear have the twice daily job of feeding and watering Tela, now he has added responsibilty. The park that is right around the corner from us has a petting zoo and we went today. And brought home a rabbit. But only for 4 days. They have a Bunny renting out program for families to take home bunnies for a few days and see how it fits into the lifestyle. Now we are probably not going to keep him, but this is a great way for Bug and Bear to see an animal that is different than a dog. We get to study it and talk about it and then give it back in a few days! I think it is an awesome program. Bear has learned quite a bit so far just from his very observant questions. We talked about how we can't keep him out of his cage for too long because we don't want bunny poop all over. He had a very quick solution for that problem.
"I will show him how to use the big boy toilet!"
"I don't think that will work bud."
"Why, is his butt too small and he will fall in?"
"Something like that."
When we got home, I took Peanut Brittle out and let him hop around a bit.
"Mommy, don't forget about the poop!" as he ran from his room. He returned a few moments later with one of Bugs diapers.

And this morning was the most heart melting moment so far along this road we call motherhood. Despite Bears almost hourly hugging of her sister, she has not gotten used to it. I could say that she has become very much more irritated by it as time has gone on. Today he hugged her and rolled onto his back so that she was laying on his tummy. She wrapped her arms around him and layed her head down on his chest and hugged him. And they laid like that for a good 30 seconds. Of course my camera was across the room and I did not dare leave them for a second for fear of her launching off the bed. But I sucked all the sweetness in while I could.

We stopped at a garage sale this afternoon and bought a couple of baby dolls for Bug. Well once in the car, one went to Bug and Bear took charge of the other one. He talked to it all the way home and told it that she was going to have cookie pancakes for dinner. He named them Mrs Baby doll and Mr Babydoll. Even though they are both dressed in pink. Well my mom found her own garage sale and at it they had a Graco stroller, a doll play yard/bed and a swing/carseat. Even though these were intended for Bug to play with, Bear took over and loaded the babys up and turn a single stroller into a triple stroller. And Bug decided that she was not going to swing the baby, she was going to crawl in the swing herself and get the ride. It is a really cute set that I am glad they are both going to get use out of. And I am not afraid of the girly factor of it all. I know that some people may be very opposed to boys playing with dolls, but if nothing else, it is just going to teach him how to be kind, sensitive and considerate. And he is still a rough and tough little boy that is not afraid of getting dirty.

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MamaGeph said...

Oh, I love those sweet moments with siblings! What a gift.

Your Bear is going to be a good daddy when he grows up - between the dolls and his sister, he will already know what to do with babies. :)