Sunday, June 07, 2009


Oh my soul, just these last few days she has just taken off.
Today I walked in to find her on top of Bears bed. His bed is four feet off the ground with the only access points being a vertical ladder and a slide. My first thought was, I am going to kill who ever put her up here and left the room. And then I realized that we were the only ones home. So I put her on the floor thankful she had not decided to throw herself off the edge. She immediately went right over to the slide and scaled it within 5 seconds. She made it to the top and turned around and gave me her most proud smile.
I didn't realize I had made a little stair case for her either. I had my sewing kit, my scrap booking case, and another case all lined up next to a table that has my cricut on it. I found her at the top of that today playing with my cricut.
She has taken to walking places now. As long as she is not in a hurry and people are not encouraging her to do so. I watched her for 10 minutes yesterday on the back patio. She had a water bottle in her hands and she walked all the way across it. She would take about five steps, lower herself to regain balance and continue on. She has been doing that all day. If she is walking to a person, she gets within a foot and just dives forward into that persons lap.
The child has no fear and is already pretty banged up. She is also very stubborn and will try to do things until she gets done what she wants done. I have been watching her try to push a stroller into a space that is not big enough for the last few minutes. She has turned it upside down, sideways and backwards. I love her persistence.

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