Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I have been feeling crappy/blue/angry/mopey lately. I have been strumming a sad self pity song. But I have realized that there are people that have things worse off than me and I need to pull my head out of my butt and look at the positive side of things. If there is one thing in life I hate is whiners. I am a strict, deal the hand you are dealt, blossom where you are planted type of person. So needless to say I have hated being around myself the last few days(months) and tonight that changes. There are so many wonderful things that I still do have in my life and I need to be grateful for what I have, not what I think I should have or what other people have, or what I hope for some day. I have today and what is in it.

-Summer in Washington. I especially love that it stays light out until almost ten. Although it is kind of tough enforcing an eight o clock bed time while the sun is still very much awake and will be for the next 2 hours. "Mommy, it can't be bedtime. It is still day out side!"

-Coke sluprees. 28 ounces of pure caffeinated heaven.

-My Jeep. Yes it is not my "fun" jeep, but it is still pretty fricking awesome. If I haven't been in it for a few days, I still can smell that new car smell. And the kids each have sky lights for crying out loud.

-Grocery shopping and cooking. There is something so incredible about taking different ingrediants and then making them into something that tastes good. Might not always be good for you but hey, sometime you have to make chocolate chip cookies.

-Speaking of cookies, Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. That is all I should have to say about that.

-Toys. After they are in bed, and I am picking up after them, I love finding toys in funny places. I don't see it as annoying, I see it as a little remembrances of my kids.

-Wall knocking. After Bear is in bed, he will knock on his wall periodically just so I don't forget he is there.

And last but not least, my kids. They make me laugh every day. Bear with his joke telling every five minutes. The same joke every five minutes. "When is a car not a car mommy?" "When it turns into a gas station!" And he will laugh and laugh. And my little Bug with her dancing at anything that sounds like music.

I am very blessed I just have to remind myself sometimes.


MamaGeph said...

Hugs to you! Just hearing you be optimistic makes me brighten up, too.

Amen to everything you said. :)

Lawanda said...

Aaaaww ya done went and made me cry!!

I loved reading about his knocking thing. How sweet is that?!?!

*sniff sniff*