Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The big ONE!

Well I have been dreading this post. Maybe if I didn't write it, it wouldn't happen. But yesterday came and went and you still turned one despite my not writing this.

You are the sweetest little girl with a streak of stubborn that challenges my patience. I have no idea where you get that from. When you want something, you want it NOW. There is no waiting patiently for mommy. How dare I want to take the time to poor the milk into the cup before I give it to you.

You are so close to walking. You will stand up in the middle of the room and stand there for five minutes usually playing with a toy you picked up. Yesterday you took four steps to me. Before that you would take no more than two steps. If it was too far too lean into or further away than two steps you would just get down and crawl to it.

You now have 6 teeth. You have continued to pop through two at a time. Those eye teeth were awful to get through. For you and me.

Sleeping through the night is new. You started about a week ago and did it for five days and it was glorious. You were much more rested during the day and I think that I too was little nicer to be around. So lets keep that up.

We got your ears pierced two days before your birthday. At first I didn't think you were going to cry but then you gave out a scream and cried for a couple minutes and you were done. Such a champ. And then you for your first Starbucks. You drank that down so fast you almost rivaled the speed your brother normally drinks them at.

You love to dance. Any time any music comes on you stand up and start shaking your toosh. Your brother got a card for his birthday that plays the song from Madagascar. That is your favorite. And it is really funny to watch you dance to it.

We got you a baby doll for your birthday. Today I got you a stroller for the baby with some birthday money. I am watching you right now push her around in the stroller and then pick her up and carry her to your car, put her in the hood and drive around with her. Dancing as you go.

You are the best hugger. Every time I pick you up, I get a hug like you haven't seen me in ages. You squeeze me so tight and sometimes you plant a big wet one on my cheek.

I love watching you figure things out on your own. How to open something or how to get a toy in something else. How to get over things that are in your way. Or how to push cars over to where you can't reach something, stand on it and then retrieve the wanted item. You love your little piggy and putting the big fat "coins" in the slot.

You are a babbler. You just sit there and talk in your own little language. You can say mama, dada, dod(dog), baybay, and tay too.

Took you to the Dr yesterday. She said you look great and are doing good. You are still my skinny little girl. You are in the 75-90% for your height (30 inches) and are only in the 15% for your weight (19 lbs) I have to continue to bring you in monthly for weight checks. The Dr. also wants to check your thyroid next time too. She asked if you just don't eat, but you can and most of the time do out eat your brother. You are still nursing 6-7 times a day and you get a glass of whole milk with dinner. I don't know where you put it, or if you run laps around your crib at night to work it off.

In the last year your hair has gone from very dark brown to almost blond and is now long enough to put in pony tails. Your eyes are still deep blue and your perfect little lips just as beautiful. You still have long finger toes and beautiful long fingers.

You have figured out real quick how to get your brother in trouble. If he even comes near you, you start to do your fake cry and watch for my reaction. It really makes me laugh.

Your new kissy face is hilarious. You scrunch your nose and eyes up and pout out your lips.

You are so sweet and funny. You love your brother despite setting him up for getting in trouble. You love to play with his cars. I caught you driving his Lightning McQueen slippers across the floor. You haven't really caught the reading bug yet. You will sit by us while we are reading for a couple minutes and then you are off to more fun things.

You have such a big personality. You are still very wary of strangers. We walked into a house the other day and you scoped every one out before you would crack a smile. And even then it was guarded. I still have yet to hear you bust out in a big laugh. You are very reserved when it comes to laughing. You have more of a sarcastic fake laugh. But I love it anyways.

I am so happy to have shared the last year with you. It has flown by faster than I thought it would. And I know the next 17 are going to whip by just as fast. But I look forward to them and the fun they will bring watching you grow into a young woman.


MamaGeph said...

Yay! You lived through her turning one! ;)

She is such a lovely, fun little girl. Happy birthday, Bug.

Heather said...

Happy birthday bug! We are so happy we got to share your special day with you!

much love,
the smiths

Kara said...

What a nice post Riss! She is going to LOVE reading all these fun details when she is older(0:

Lawanda said...

Awwwww! ♥