Thursday, May 28, 2009

"May twenty apethf"

Well it did not hit me this morning until I made a folder on my computer that I had to label 3 years. And I cried. It was happy tears combined with sad tears. Sad that the last 3 years have whipped by and happy that you have made it this far alive.

You are my little dare devil. You have no real fear, you will jump off a five foot wall, get up, shake it off and comment on the styling of your fall, "That was graceful!" Your latest trick is to take the ride on car to the top of your slide and try to ride it down. I nipped that in the bud real quick. You do however love to go down your slide backwards and have tried going down on your feet with socks on.

You are probably the sweetest little boy I have ever known. Daily you shower your sister and me with hugs and kisses and are constantly telling me I am the "best mommy in the whole wowd!" When I do have to correct you for disobediance, you always cry afterwards and ask for forgiveness and tell me that you are so sad for disobeying and making mommy sad. And then you tell me you need a hug and a tickle to feel better. You are so considerate. Today I was working out in the yard and your sister was sitting in the swing not moving and you stopped playing and walked over to her and pushed her for about 20 minutes. Talking to her and making her laugh.

You are a very active dreamer and always tell me what you dream about when you wake up. Lately it has been about your cars and what they do and what they say.

You are my little reader. You have most of your books memorized and will sit down and read to yourself forever if I let you.

We have started doing "schoolwork." We started out just by drawing horizontal and vertical lines. Then we moved onto diagonal ones. And you love your little worksheets that you have to draw a line around the obstacles to get the bunny home. We have been working on a letter a day. You can write your name with only a little direction from me. I have labeled all of the furniture in your room and you like to walk around and tell me what each card says and we try to pick out letters in the words that you know. You have become very interested in words and usually we spend meals talking about how different things are spelled.

Potty training has gone beautifully. You sleep dry most nights and always through your naps. I am so proud of you.

You have a steel trap for a mind. You have a funny knack for remembering commercials and funny lines from movies. Throughout the day you will bust out with something so random. Some of your favorites include:

"I know, I am fabulous." (no idea what this is from.)

"Your son rip called he is on line toot!"

"Thank you Delsom."

"You following me camera guy?" (Shamwow)

"I am happier than a tornado in a trailer park!"

"She likes me for my body."

"I'm no mack, I am a Peterbuilt, turn on your lights you poron." (I am not correcting him on the moron thing.)

This really amazes me because you have seen the movie Cars twice in the last six months.

And you can sing the theme song to "Monk" even though you watched the opening song one time.

You are definetly a Washingtonian. When you play with your cars, I often hear you taking your cars through the Starbucks drive thru.

Swinging is now a favorite past time. You love for me to push you so hard until your head touches the trees. You love to be outside digging in the dirt. You will dig holes and put the dirt in your wheel barrow and move it to another part of the yard. And you act like it is the most important work in the world.

Food has become a challenge. You do not like meat. You have informed me more than one time that you are a vegetarian. I can sneak you meat, but when it comes to eating just a plain piece of meat you will keep the meat in your mouth and not chew and not swallow. It drives me nuts. You do however love cookie pancakes and you ask to eat them at every meal. Today you got a treat and got to eat them in bed.

When you do not want to do something, you will tell me that your hands, feet, mouth or whatever the applicable body part is, is broken.

You are my Bear. You love to cuddle and you love to hug. You will always be a mommas boy. Thank you for a wonderful three years.


Lawanda said...



What a sweetie pie you got there! He is adorable, and I love that he randomly quotes things, I do that too! :-D

MamaGeph said...

You are such a natural homeschooler. ;) And he is one brilliant kid!

Happy birthday, sweet boy.

Kara said...

That was such a great post!! Had to laugh at all the random things he's quoting(o: You are such a great mommy to him too!