Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dukes legal!

We went to the vet yesterday and Dukie got the rest of his shots, so now we can be out in public and not worry about getting doggie diseases! So to celebrate, Tela, Duke, Bear and I all went to the park and met some other doggie friends. Among them were Dukes long lost brother Louie that he has not seen since he was 4 weeks old. Everyone played very nicely and got out of hand at times, but Mama Tela was there to mediate. She was so funny, she would stick her big head down into the skiff and start separating dogs. She was also very protective of Duke. I was surprised at that, since she can't stand the dog at home. I let Bear out of the back pack for awhile and he ran around with the dogs having a grand old time. I am just so glad to have him vaccinated now so that I can take him to the dog park and get some of that energy out. These are some pics that my friend T took.
This is Tela and Casper:

This is Duker and his brother Louie:

And of course my babies(actually being nice to each other):

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