Sunday, July 15, 2007

One flew the coop!

Or jumped out of the nest. Daddy found one of the baby birds that had been up in the carport nest on the ground today. We are not sure if he jumped or was pushed. They are getting pretty big and that nest is looking pretty crowded. I think momma bird was out looking for food when it happened, because I heard the commotion that ensued when she returned. I will interpret the million chirps that I heard from the remaining 3 babies.

"Momma, momma! Junior jumped out of the nest!"

"I told him not to, but he didn't listen momma!"

"Na-huh, she pushed him!"

"Did not, he jumped."

"Is he gonna get in biiiiiiig trouble?"

"I have been watching him momma, and doesn't feel sorry for what he did, he is having so much fun down there!"

"If Junior gets to, I want to go down there too! It's not fair!"

"Stop looking out my side of the nest!"

"Momma, she is ruffling her feathers right in my ear! Can you make her stop?"

"You love Junior most because he isn't getting in trouble for what he did."

Can you tell that I come from a big family? Now see, an only child would of thought that all that chirping was the baby birds excited to see thier momma, but those of you with brothers and sisters, know what was really going on behind all that noise.

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