Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Well he has finally got the K sound down. After trying it out for a week, he is pretty good at it. Kind of. First of all, he says it with so much gusto, that he sounds like he is hawking a loogie. At first, he could only say it if it was in the middle or end of the word. Like truck or croc (which was my favorite because it would come out sounding like "troc!" Yesterday he started to start his words with the ck sound. But he concentrates so hard on getting that sound out that he sometimes forgets other-very important letters in the word. For instance, "troc" has now turned into croc with out the "r." Unfortunately this is one of his favorite words. So he runs around saying this word all day. We went to Wal-mart today and he had his crocs on and of course he had to point out what kind of shoes he was wearing to everybody we passed. And I got some nasty looks until I would say "yes, Bear, those are cRocs."
He is also not really sure what to do with the "t" that he has been using in place of the "k." So now instead of "pottets" (pockets) he has "pocktets" on his clothes. All of this just cracks me up. I love when kids say words funny. I had been so sad when he started losing all of his cute words. Like button. He used to call it a buttmon. I mean I don't teach him to say words wrong, and I don't say them wrong to him because I don't want to reenforce it, but it always made me grin when I had to "buttmon" up his "jattet." Now I am asked to "button my jacktet please mommy!" Which is still really cute in my of course non-biased opinion. :)

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