Friday, April 18, 2008

Butt butter

Everything that goes on bread with a knife, Bear calls butter. Peanut butter, miracle whip, cream cheese, and of course butter. Last week while I was changing his diaper, I dipped the tongue suppressor(way easier application) into the jar of Desitin(the tubes last about 1.5 days in our house) and started to spread it on his butt. He looked at me and said, "butt butter. butt butter." He kept saying this over and over and I just looked at him so confused. I had no idea what he was talking about. He was saying it clear as day, I just had no idea what butt butter was. He finally pointed down at his bottom and said, "butt butter!" like I was an idiot for not knowing what I was spreading on his toosh. I could not stop laughing.
He still calls it his butt butter. Maybe the kid is onto something. I should come up with my own line of diaper rash cream(you would think I would have already) and we will call it Bear's Butt Butter!

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